Monday, August 26, 2013

Finished cargo bike

Et Voila !
After the paint job, some woodwork and carbon fiber, the cargo bike is ready. The complete bike weight 30kg.
Driving the bike is surprisingly easy. Let's go to the beach!

The middle bar and direction

  • The main bar soldered in the middle of the bike
  • direction tube in place
  • the crutch comes from an old postman bike

The direction

The direction is made from an old fork and an old mountain bike handle bar.
From the old fork, keep only the upper part to re-use the ball bearing and the tube.
To make the link between the fork and the direction, a tube from an old halogen lamp was used.

The donnor

Let's start the cargo bike using a german "klapprad". According to my father, these bikes are stronger than usual and fit perfectly our needs:
  • thick metal easy to solder
  • the bike can be splitted into 2 parts, the junction being horizontal
  • the rear hub contains an automatic 2 speed gearbox "duomatic" with back pedal brakes
The idea is to solder a 1 meter metal bar rigth in the middle and deport the direction.